Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rains from Ernesto

September started out quite rainy, with Tropical Storm Ernesto blowing into town. This picture was taken a day or so afterwards, showing the "residue" that gets pushed up out of the river and next to the bike path. Sometimes large trees get knocked down and block the path and you have to navigate your way around them. On the day of the storm, I biked to work, in the light rain, and it wasn't bad. I locked my bike in the bike cage, and hung my rain gear in there, to dry. I've done this every time it's rained the past 13 years. In the evening, the winds had picked up to 30-45 mph, and rains were heavy. I went downstairs to the bike cage to bike home, and saw with disbelief, that my Gortex (i.e., expensive!!) rain gear was GONE! I couldn't believe it...that someone would do such a thing on the nastiest night of the year! HOW RUDE!! I did have an extra set of rain gear at the office, but the night before, I had brought that rain jacket home, due to possible rain...and then I decided to leave it at home that morning, as I didn't want extra stuff to carry. So I had the rain pants at work, but that wasn't going to help my upper body, especially my head, and the rain and temperatures outside were on the cool side. I went over to the drug store to see if they had a cheap poncho I could buy -- no luck, they had sold their last one. I could take the subway home, but couldn't get on there with my bike til after 7 p.m., and even then, I'd have to bike many miles home. As I stood in the office lobby, wondering what to do, a man in my office walked by, on his way to the garage to drive home. I told him what happened and he had pity on me and gave me a ride home! I live in the complete opposite direction (40 miles away) from his home, so this was a very nice gesture! We had a nice chat on the way, and I was very grateful, needless to say! So, over the weekend, I bought new new Gortex gear, and now keep it by my desk after I ride in the rain, so it is in my eyesight. So, again, I live and learn, and won't be hanging it to dry in the bike cage. I guess I've just been very trusting all these years, and my luck finally ran out...out into the rain!!