Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Hold

The biting cold of January has come upon our area. I could stay fairly warm if I was riding my bike to work....but, that won't be happening for a I am On Hold. People ask if I miss my bike... To tell you the truth, no. Perhaps because I'm still months from being able to ride, and I'm concentrating on recovering. But, I'm starting to have some biking-related thoughts and dreams.

The good dream was that it was a nice warm summer day, and I was out leading a ride with the Brompton Club. There were some rolling hills and we were all enjoying being outside together on our bikes. It was a lovely dream.

The bad dream was that I was waiting at a red light, straddling my bike. There was a car in front of me at the light. The light turned green, and instead of the car going forward, IT BACKED UP OVER ME!!! I remember being under the car and the bottom of the car so close to me, and I reached out my left arm and I was banging the side of the car to let the driver know, while calling out "Hey, get off of me!!"

Ugh. What a dream. :( I need to have more good dreams....

I was thinking of buying an indoor bike trainer so that I could hook my bike up and get some exercise inside. I mentioned it to my biking friend Reba, and she said I could borrow her indoor bike trainer. How nice! So it's at my place and ready to get hooked up. It's certainly not as enjoyable as riding outside...but it will have to do for now.