Thursday, June 27, 2013

R&R - Raccoons & Rain!


I was heading home last night and was on the Metropolitan Branch Trail. I looked up ahead and saw a large hunched-over animal slowly crossing the path. It didn't take long to realize that it was a raccoon! It went into a fenced area to where some construction machinery was located and I pulled up soon after. It turned around and gave me a mean look like "Don't mess with me!". I saw it was pretty skinny and it was holding its left rear leg up, like it was hurt. Aww....poor thing... So I didn't stick around long and kept on down the path. It's unusual to see a raccoon out in the daylight.

As I continued to ride, I noticed the clouds shifting. The forecast said there was some spotty rain around, so I had brought along my rain jacket just in case. When I got about a mile from my home, the clouds were really looking nasty and I could see some rain falling in the distance. I started to pick up the pace, and when I got to where I needed to cross to my street, a loud boom of thunder sounded. I said outloud "There's your warning sign!!". I got my bike and bag into the house and about a minute later, big drops came down and it poured! Whew! Glad I beat the storm!! :)