Monday, June 30, 2008

Calm Days

It's been a relatively quiet summer so far. I definitely like the calm weather days, even though the heat and humidity can be difficult to get through. I took this picture last week on my way home - the air was still and so was the water, at this marina I passed.

The Tour de France starts July 5 - and every year at this time, there are always the "Lance A Lots" and "Lance Wannabees" that are on the bike path - zooming past in the obnoxiously colorful racing biking attire - shoes that match their shorts, that match their jerseys, that match their gloves, that match their helmets. It's a bit much. They get all inspired by the Tour, and then re-enact it on the path, zooming past other bikers, as if they were on the Tour themselves. It's sort of a dangerous time on the path, because these Zoomers are taking chances, passing people and pedestrians, cutting it way too close. I've seen a couple of "head-on" collisions on the path and it's not pretty. I keep an eye out for them in my helmet mirror and ahead of me and try to stay out of their personal race. I only "race" like that when there's a nasty thunderstorm coming or a dog chasing me. :) But otherwise, I take it at an easy pace and look around me to enjoy the surroundings that the Racers miss.