Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Like A Lion!

Though Autumn arrived on the calendar in late September, it roared into town last night. There were wind gusts up to 45 mph - and it sure felt like that when I biked across the 14th Street Bridge! It was incredibly strong - I had to gear down to one of my low gears (that I rarely have to use when crossing the bridge). The wind was blowing so strongly against my wheels, that it made me feel like I had a flat tire! I looked down at my tires, but they were fine. Weird sensation! Then, I thought I'd have a great tailwind on the way home - since the wind was out of the Northwest, and I'm headed South. Well, it was for a little bit, but then it also buffeted me from other directions as well. So you might say I was a bit "winded" by the time I got home!

A cool thing I've been thinking of getting is a handheld anemometer that I can whip out when I'm on the bridge and get a real measurement of the wind as it's howling through the railings on the bridge. It'd be neat to see the actual figures pop up on the screen for proof. :)