Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bridging the Gap(s)

I mentioned in an earlier post how the National Park Service takes care of the Mt. Vernon Trail that I commute on. This summer, they have been working on replacing various boardwalks, as shown in this photo. Some they are replacing, I'm wondering why, as the bridges seem to be in good shape, but I don't know how old the boardwalks are, and maybe it's time. They do a good and thorough job. There's a long curvy boardwalk near Old Town, though, that they have put a coat of grey/bluish paint. This is a bridge that is pretty slick when it gets wet. I have seen and heard of bikers going down hard on it due to the slippery conditions. One of my bike commuter friends said he knows a biker that was PARALYZED due to a nasty fall he had! So I've always slowed down on it. Maybe this coat of paint has an anti-slippery agent to it? One thing a lady biking friend mentioned to me this week, was that when it gets colder, and frost gets on the boardwalk, we won't be able to SEE the frost, due to the paint. So, just another reason to SLOW WAY DOWN on it.

In a few weeks, the area will be awashed with the golden colors of Autumn. I took this picture last Autumn, as I got near the World War II Memorial. It's a pretty time of year - but wet leaves present another slippery condition - similar to frost and ice. Never fun to fall - which I've done a number of times....