Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Timing is Everything :)

I was heading home last night, and as I was getting near the Pentagon, a couple rain drops came down. I didn't have my rain jacket with me. I started to think of where I could take shelter, if need be. I remembered the bridge overpass that I go under. I looked ahead and could see the rain coming. I made it to the underpass in time, and stopped to wait out the shower. While I was standing there, a man came along dressed in a suit and didn't have an umbrella. He had walked from the Pentagon (right nearby) and there were big splotches of raindrops on his suit. He didn't seem to mind, and he didn't stop walking either....just went right out there into the downpour. Huh. A couple minutes later, another man came along in a suit, and he too, didn't have an umbrella. He also just kept walking and out into the rain. I guess "real men" don't carry umbrellas? :) I know it's kind of fun and nice to walk in the rain. And the way it's been so hot this week (the heat index tomorrow will be 110!), these men probably dried out pretty soon after their walk in the rain. :)