Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nothing is Constant Except Change

Here we are, entering another Autumn season. I love to see the various trees change colors in the area, though they can pose a threat on the bike path. They can be dry on top, but can be wet underneath, so when you ride over them on a curve, things can get slippery very fast. So there's a lot of caution, despite the beauty. I like to hear the crunchiness of the dead leaves on the path as I ride along - it's like riding over lots of potato chips. :) The path can get totally covered with leaves - you can't see the path at all, so it's like you're riding "on memory". I really know the bike path well, since I've traversed it thousands and thousands of times. I know every bump, curve, and rise. I've said I could ride the path "even in a coma". :)