Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cold Hard Cash!

When I left to bike to work this morning, the temperature was 14, and the wind chill was 0. Not too bad, considering a couple weeks ago, the temperature was 11, and the wind chill was -11... :) At least there's no snow/ice to contend with!

Riding along the bike path, about 5 miles into my commute, I happened to look down on the path and see what I thought was a handful of quarters. I thought, no, that couldn't have been that many quarters - maybe it was just plastic tabs that LOOKED like quarters. So I stopped and turned around to take a closer look. Wouldn't you know it, it really WAS a lot of quarters!! I set my bike aside and started to pick up the various quarters, nickels and dimes I saw scattered in the grass and on the bike path. I couldn't believe how much there was! Not only that, there were a couple of rolls of DIMES! ($5 each!) I scoured the area a few times to make sure I got whatever I could see before I left. I stopped at the park restroom a little further, to go inside and pull it out to count it. I had a total of over $14.00!! Wow. What a way to start your morning!!