Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New Month - New Commute Route

This month finds me with a new bike commuting route....passing by the beautiful Air Force Memorial. I bid goodbye to the "Honking Hill" I used to have to climb everyday, though I still have a little bit of a hill to go up and down, but the downhill speed has been reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph. Also, the mileage is not as impressive...only 7.5 miles each way now, which takes me about 40 minutes to cover (instead of about an hour for the previous commute). But it's nice after many years of a longer commute, to have a shorter commute, and more free time at home in the mornings and evenings. :) I'm in a little more of a congested area traffic-wise, but for the most part, the cars give me room on the road. The area I live in has the things I need: easy access to the bike trail, a bike repair shop within an outdoor retail store, and a grocery store. Also, the apartment complex has a free shuttle that runs to the nearby subway stop during the rush hours...which will come in handy whenever I don't happen to ride (which is rare!). So life is pretty sweet now. :)