Friday, August 06, 2010

Mr. Crayfish!

On my previous commuting route, the bike path has several boardwalks that cross marshy areas. I always wondered what kind of creatures were in the waters (good thing it's not Florida, because gators could be there!). My biking friend Reba told me one day, that she had seen a big red crayfish on the bike path soon after crossing a boardwalk. The crayfish had traveled a bit down the path away from the marsh, and must have been pissed off, because he would stand there and wave his big pinchers at bikers and joggers alike - trying to pick a fight! I remember one morning, I came upon a lady jogger who had stopped and was peering down at Mr. Crayfish, and trying to understand why he was there and why he was trying to pinch a foot or bike tire! :) So we stood there and chatted about Mr. Crayfish as people went by with quizzical looks on their face and then they'd look down and see this pissed off crayfish! :) ha.

Well, one day, I guess Mr. Crayfish must have irritated someone pretty badly because on my ride home, I passed a red FLAT spot on the path - - all you could see was a bunch of little broken pieces of red shell....... Awww..... Too bad.... :( I don't know if a biker or pedestrian had taken him on, but he was no more.....

Last night, we had a big summer storm blow into town. Perhaps the wind and rain kicked up the marshy waters, and a crayfish decided to come out and see what the commotion was.... Thus, this Washington Post photo that was in the paper this morning. :) Hope this crayfish picks his fights wisely...but he's not starting out very well, trying to cross the Parkway and taking on the cars!