Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bike to Work Day 2007!

Here I am with my folding bike, the Bike Friday, at Freedom Plaza in D.C., where things were beginning to be set up for the many bikers participating in Bike to Work Day 2007. I got there early, so that's why there weren't many people there yet. However, the total number of people who biked to work that day was 6,600 - which is 400 more than last year!! Yea!
You'll see that I have a trailer attached to my Bike Friday. The Bike Friday folds down into that suitcase/trailer. I was flying out that evening to go to Providence, Rhode Island to attend a college graduation, and wanted to bring my bike with me to explore Providence. The airline fees for bringing a regular bike in a bike box, can be up to $150 EACH WAY. I bought this Bike Friday a couple of years ago, after being tired of paying that exorbitant fee. In taking my Bike Friday on a plane four times, it would pay for itself! The Bike Friday is a GREAT bike - it has good low gears to get up just about any hill/mountain, and was custom made to my body specifications, so it fits me like a glove. I would highly recommend a Bike Friday to anyone who loves to travel as I do!