Monday, February 11, 2013

Spinning Wheels

The other weekend, a friend helped me to hook up the indoor bike trainer that my biking friend, Reba, lent to me. The first thought I had was, "Well, no cars can get me in here!" :) (unless they veer off the road outside and come through the house!) You can see my bike from the bike accident propped up against the wall in the background.

I rode on the trainer for a little while the other night. It's a bit loud - maybe I should get my iPod and listen to music when riding it, to drown out the noise. I feel like a gerbil in an exercise wheel....spinning but getting nowhere. Safe, but not a lot of fun... Maybe I'll grab a bike magazine or bike-related book to read while I spin... At least it will distract my mind.

Well, at least the weather is climate-controlled inside my room...don't have to be concerned about dressing for the weather! :)

I think I heard a Spring bird outside the other day....Spring will be here pretty soon... (37 days....but who's counting?!) I hope my arm and arm muscles will be ready then to hop on and go for a spin outside. Think I'll ride on some car-free bike paths to start with. :)