Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is about done, with Labor Day Weekend right around the corner. Actually, we haven't had many hot days this summer, which is unusual, but fine with me. :) I saw this guy walking all these dogs on my way home recently - it's amazing they don't get all tangled up!

This is a neat bike called a Catrike, owned by a fellow bike commuter, Bob. He loves this bike. I've test-ridden these and they are great - like a little race car! I've asked Bob if he feels more vulnerable in traffic while riding his Catrike, since he is so low to the ground, but he said no. If anything, he said, they are more cautious and give him more room, which is nice.

Bob carries a telescoping fishing pole with him on his Catrike and often stops to throw a line into the water and catch fish. :) What a nice relaxing thing to do on your way to work! :) Try doing that from your car commute! :)