Friday, June 05, 2009


Well, it was a good thing I wasn't passing by this part of the boardwalk bridge when this big tree came crashing down on it!! It's been raining A LOT in the past week, and I guess this tree couldn't hang in there any longer. I came around the corner of the winding boardwalk and was surprised to see this tree across the path. There were two guys on their bikes ahead of me and we helped each other lift our bikes over the tree. I was thinking I could have maybe slipped my bike under the tree, but one guy said he didn't there'd be enough clearance. So I'm glad they were there to help me, as it was a little tricky getting over the tree - it was pretty wide.

As we finished riding over the boardwalk, there was a National Park Service truck approaching on the path, with it's lights flashing. I stopped to talk to the three guys in the truck and told them about the tree. They were aware of it and were coming to take care of it. So hopefully the tree and the boardwalk will be fixed by the time I come through after 6 p.m. tonight! Thanks, NPS, for your quick service!! (and thanks to my biking friend, Reba, for sending me this photo you took!!)