Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, this winter has turned out to be the SNOWIEST winter in 100 years in Washington, D.C.!! We've gotten a number of big snowfalls this month. Fortunately, I missed a few of them when I went out of town to Warm, Sunny, San Diego for a week. :) When I came back, there was about 20 inches on the ground, and that afternoon it snowed another couple of feet. As a result, the bike path hasn't been available to ride on for most of this month.
:( It would be nice if the Park Service would plow the bike path... In fact, my biking friend Reba said we should have organized on the internet a "snow shovel party" and had all interested walkers, joggers and bicyclists show up with their shovels and unearth the bike path! :) I know there would be lots of people who exercise that would WANT to have their path back!

On a good note, I saw a BUNCH of robins flying around the neighborhood this morning. :) It looked like a "Robin Reunion"! :) And I noticed some trees in front of my office building that are getting some buds on their branches. :) So, hopefully it won't be long before Spring. :)