Friday, December 07, 2007

Fall & Winter Combo

Well, we got our first taste of winter the other day! :) Here's a picture I took on my way into work - showing the bit of snow, and a couple of trees still hanging on to Autumn! :)
It was snowing quite a bit when I got off work on Wednesday - I had ridden my mountain bike because they predicted 1-2 inches. Usually my hybrid can handle that, but sometimes we get a little more, and then it has a hard time. So I played it safe and just took the mountain bike -- and I'm glad I did. Riding in the snow is fun, though when the snow is coming down right into your eyes, and your headlight is shining into the flakes, making it look like a "Star Wars" scene, it makes it a little difficult to see. I turned my head slightly to the right and turned down the brightness on my light, so those actions helped. I was a bit covered in snow by the time I got home.
The next day, things had frozen up, so I put on my studded snow tires I bought recently. I was curious to see how they would do. The studs are not in the middle of the tire, but on a couple of rows next to the center of the that anytime you ever-so-slightly turn your wheels, the studs kick in and save the day! :) Though the snow was a bit thick on the bridges/overpasses, and the tires got a bit squirrely, the studs kept me upright and moving. :) On parts that are covered with ice or snow that is hard-packed, the tires roll right over the stuff as if it's not even there. So I'm happy with them. :)