Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Earlier this month, we had the longest heat wave since 10 years ago.  Friends, family and co-workers wondered how in the world I manage to keep biking to work in the heat.  Well, a few things help.  One is that I put my water bottle in the freezer when I get to work, so that it looks like this picture when I leave.  It's rock-hard and slowly melts on my 45-min. ride, providing nice cold water along the way.  Second is that my commute has a bit of shade, which cuts the temps by 5-10 degrees.  The only time I'm really hot is when I have to stop in the sun at a stoplight, and there's no breeze.  Then it's like being nuked.  ha.  But once I get going again, the combination of the breeze and my sweat keeps things manageable.

I've said this many times to many people...that my commute is usually the BEST part of my day. :)  There were a couple days this month where I had to work through lunch, sitting at my desk constantly, to finish a project.  When I got on my bike to head home, it was SO refreshing -- to have the breeze across my face, moving my body, seeing the sights and hearing the sounds.  It really makes you feel ALIVE and it's invigorating.

On my commute, there is a triangle corner that I pass, where a handful of white bikes are permanently stationed.  Someone in the neighborhood regularly decorates these bikes for various holidays.  Here's the bikes decorated for the July 4th holiday.  Colorful and eye-catching! :)