Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bianchi Man Cometh!

There are regular bike commuters that I see every day at the same spot at the same time. One of them I nicknamed "Bianchi Man". :) He has a classic torquoise-colored Bianchi hybrid bike. He should be a model for Bianchi bikes because he is SO decked out in a matching Bianchi jersey, shorts, helmet matches the biking gloves and even socks that have the various colors of the Bianchi trademark! :) I wonder each time, do you only have ONE set of clothes like this? Because I see him in these SAME clothes EVERY time….and don't the clothes get stinky? (especially when we had the hot weather….). I went online to see if there were other Bianchi jerseys…and there are. Maybe Mr. Bianchi Man will get a different Bianchi-style design for his birthday or Christmas. :)

I have probably 10-15 different biking jerseys that I can wear. Variety is the spice of life... Fortunately, I don't sweat much, so I can get away with wearing the same jersey for a few days at least, before I have to trade it for another one. I've gotten many compliments on my jerseys through the years…. :) There's a story behind most of my jerseys - - places I've visited, bike event tours I've done, or they're just plain wearable art. :) Plus, some jerseys are thin, and good for the hot weather. Others are more thick, for cooler weather. So, it helps to have different kinds...