Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How Much Are the Puppies in the Panniers?

I have seen this couple on their bikes a few times on the bike path on my way home. Just as they pass by me, is when I notice the white furry heads sticking out of their panniers! Oh, cute Maltese puppies!! I always want to take a picture of them, but of course, there's no time, since they've zipped on by me. Well, yesterday as I was biking near the airport, I saw them pulled off to the side of the path, and were readjusting the straps on the panniers. They had 3 puppies in one pannier, a couple in another, and the guy had a few in his panniers also! So I stopped and whipped out my camera to take a picture or two. The dogs were whining a little bit, anxious to get going, I assume. The couple were definitely turning heads as people went by and noticed their doggies!
And, of course, it's Cherry Blossom Time again in D.C. I took this picture on my way to work. The Cherry Blossoms are so pretty - and you'd think you'd get tired of seeing them every year. But every year, the Blossoms make me stop and admire their beauty - especially when the weather is pretty outside and the blue skies are above. I took many photos, walking among their snowy branches...and just made it to work on time! But it's nice to dawdle and take time to enjoy the sights.


spiderleggreen said...

Very cute. I hope they aren't puppy theives.

The flowering trees remind me of when I was kid and would come home some early May day. Our crab apple tree had bloomed, during the day. Wonderful!

John Pickett said...

I have never seen the puppy people. What an odd sight, but the Mount Vernon Trail is full of unusual and interesting things. Today I noticed a new raptor nest. It could be an osprey nest. Look for it on the river side of the trail just opposite Morningside.