Monday, December 14, 2009

Monumental Fog!

This morning when I looked out the window at home, it was INCREDIBLY FOGGY!!! Visibility was less than a half of a block. So I decided to don my reflective vest, and turn on my headlight and blinking rear light. I was VERY careful in crossing intersections, and making sure cars saw me when I was approaching side streets. The fog was so thick that I had beads of water dripping off my helmet visor as I rode along.

As I rode by the airport area, and D.C. comes into view, there was an eerie sight ahead. The fog had obliterated the base of the Washington Monument, so it made it look like the Washington Monument was sitting atop a cloud! Pretty wild! (Thanks to my fellow biking friend, Reba, for this photo! I didn't have my camera with me).


jim said...

My wife, Peg, and I encountered a thick fog one morning while we were on a north to south tour of Vermont. It was so thick as to be disorienting. When we finally reached the next town, Peg was so thankful, she literally kissed the ground.

I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for your efforts!

Best regards, Jim

Jacob Bear said...

Great blog, Char! We hardly ever get fog where I live (Los Angeles) but I'm glad you made it to work (and back home) safely! Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll add yours to my blogroll. Take care, ride safe, and let me know if you want to ride across Italy this spring.