Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springing Forth! :)

Here's my bike along some Forsythia - one of the first things that bloom in the Spring. :) I'm always happy to see Spring come - - especially all the COLORS that I see! It's like I've been living in black & white in the winter, and then Spring comes, and we move into TECHNICOLOR! :) It's a sight for sore eyes, and I just drink it all in. And it's wonderful to start wearing lighter clothes and not be freezing. Spring certainly is a time to celebrate! Yea! :)


Caroline said...

hey! love the blog. I'm moving to Alexandria and want to commute to work.. do you feel safe riding back home? what would be the latest you would feel comfortable riding alone back?



Char said...

Hi Caroline - Glad you like my blog. :) Great you're moving to Alexandria! :) Yes, I feel safe riding to & fro. I'm usually not out late - but I would think anytime after maybe 10 or 11 might not be good? I've never seen anyone out there too late - but you know how the "crazies" can come out later.... :) So be safe. :)