Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Every day I pass by the Bascilia of the National Shrine. Evidently, it's the largest Catholic church in America. I've been in it and it is beautiful. At night, when I ride by, they've put up Christmas lights all around, and I've been wanting to stop to take a picture of it, so tonight I did. It's so nicely done. :) I ride by other nice Christmas decorations on various homes along the way, and enjoy them too. It's one of the enjoyments of biking in the wintertime. :) Some people wonder how can I bike in the cold - but you do warm up and don't even hardly notice the cold, especially when you have pretty sights like this to see along the way. :)

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Spence said...

I really like this. This photo and your photos are awesome. The explaining about not being cold at night was good.
Keep on blogging!