Friday, June 08, 2012

How Much Are the Doggies....?

Just so that you don't think my bike commute is ALWAYS difficult (referencing my last entry about all the flat tire issues I had), I wanted to put a "fun" entry to make up for it a little. :)

Last winter (around Christmastime) when I was biking to work, and I had seen this lady walking her 5 Yorkies. At first I thought she was a dogwalker. No one would have FIVE dogs, would they? (even though they ARE small!). But when I asked her if they were her dogs, she replied "Yes!". The Yorkies on that day were dressed cute Santa jackets! :) I should have gotten a picture of her then! I didn't see her again until today. This time I definitely wanted to get her picture with her dogs. I told her I remembered talking to her last winter, and I asked if I could get a picture of her and her dogs. So she managed to get all of her 5 Yorkies to stop for a minute while I tried to capture them all in my camera phone screen. (I had to back up a bit to do that!). Afterwards I bent down and gave each of them some love - - they were SO cute! Definitely a 10 on the Cute Factor scale!! :) It made a beautiful morning even better! :)

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Spence said...

That's a good idea to focus on people you encounter on your ride in.
In hilly north Raleigh I'm usually either working too hard up hills or flying too fast down them to have time to chat.
I wave hello to walkers when I don't bike/bus, a reliable though squalid mode of transportation.
I have two fitness centers, one on the "Low Road" so I could chat with people there. I really want to interview bikers who commute, even podcast. Thanks for the good idea.