Thursday, March 02, 2006

Come On Spring!

It's March, but it'll be a while longer before we see more Spring-like temperatures. But, I can't complain, since the winter really wasn't that bad. Here's a photo taken of the first snow on the bike path back in December. It was beautiful. My mountain bike moved through the snow easily. I really have the BEST commute in town! :)


John R. said...

I know nothing about blogs. I think it is great that you have one. Now perhaps I will learn something about this technology. There certainly hasn't been much snow this winter, so your commute should have been pretty good.
John R.

ManInBlack said...

As I sit here drinking my Margurita after my hour and a half commute in Atlanta (each way) I have to think that you have the better part of the deal. There is no way I would hop on my bike (now 25 years old but still in good condition with new tires) and take the suicide route I would have to peddle on to get the 32 miles to work and then turn around and do it again to get home. I used to live where you do and ride those trails with much enjoyment just to go there and back. Not so in Atlanta. Atlanta is not a bicycle friendly commute towne from the outer to the inner. I also own a motorcycle but consider that a suicide ride as well as the people here don't pay much attention with accidents almost every day snarling traffic just that much more. I envy you with your ability to keep the environment cleaner and keep yourself healthy and do it all while going to and from work. Keep peddling Char and maybe the world will some day fololow your example as the oil and natural gas wayne and we are forced to embrace the simpler times where manpower (or Womanpower) got you where you needed to be.

John Bishop said...

< Char- this the first blog I have ever posted to......... Thanks for giving me the chance to "give it a try"- John Bishop>

Jack B. said...


Keep riding and blogging, if that is a word. If I do not see you tomorrow morning on the trail I'll see you when I return from the Keys.

Jack B.

wineman said...

hi Charmaine; Jan K here (John's wine making friend). I'm on the computer six or seven hours a day and this is the first blog I've ever looked at. How do you handle snow? I remember at college (Notre Dame) winding a chain through the spokes of an old Huffy for traction (coaster brake of course).

Charmaine said...
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Luanne said...

Very cool Charmaine. Glad to know you other than through the job. It's amazing how many years we've been in each other's lives and I wouldn't even know ya if I passed you on the street. Funny, yet sad huh. However, we know alot about each other.

From one fellow blogger to another. So who else at "the job" blogs? A Day in the Life of a Corporate Travel Agent

Talk to ya Charmaine. :-)


Spence said...

You've got some nice photos, this snow scene is awesome. Any recommendations, I have the heropro helmet camera but still trying to upload to my computer.