Thursday, April 20, 2006

Springtime in D.C.

Spring is finally here and we are enjoying blue skies, warmer breezes and beautiful flowers and budding trees. All the color is an "assault on the senses" in a way, after a somewhat long, dreary, colorless winter. There are pretty tulips and colorful dogwood trees, not to mention the snow-like, famous Cherry Blossoms! It's too bad Spring doesn't last very long...compared to the long hot and humid Summer days...but we will enjoy each and every lovely day, as if we were relishing gourmet ice cream!

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Lisa said...

You always have such great pictures. Spring time is a great time to bike! I remeber when we used to bike to Old towne, the airport and back! I thought that was a long ride then.... I love seeing all your pictures you take! Lisa